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Vision is a critical aspect of our daily lives, impacting everything from work to leisure. Recognizing this, AMCE Insurance Agency offers comprehensive vision insurance plans designed to maintain and improve your visual health. Our plans cater to all individuals and families. We want to ensure that you have access to the best eye care services without financial strain. With a commitment to promoting eye health and preventing vision-related issues, AMCE provides a safety net that covers routine check-ups, corrective eyewear, and necessary treatments, making eye care accessible and affordable for all.

Glasses for an eye check
Our vision insurance plans will allow you to stop worrying about your eyesight and provide it with the best care possible

The Need for Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is a specialized health benefit designed to provide coverage for eye health needs, including:

  • routine eye examinations
  • prescription eyewear
  • other vision-related services

Unlike standard health insurance, which typically covers unexpected injuries and illnesses, this insurance focuses on preventive care to detect and treat eye conditions early.

The importance of vision insurance extends beyond mere convenience. Regular eye exams can reveal hidden health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, making vision insurance a critical tool in preventive health care. It encourages individuals to prioritize their eye health without the worry of high out-of-pocket costs, promoting early detection and management of potential vision problems. Additionally, for those who require corrective lenses, you can get significant savings on glasses and contacts, making essential vision correction more affordable.

Vision Insurance Plans Offered by AMCE Insurance Agency

AMCE Insurance Agency provides a variety of vision insurance plans to meet diverse needs and budgets. From basic coverage for annual eye exams and eyeglasses to more comprehensive plans, including advanced lens options and contact lenses, we have you covered.

We offer:

  • Basic Vision Plan: Ideal for individuals or families looking for coverage on essential vision care services.
  • Enhanced Vision Plan: Offers extended benefits, including a wider selection of frames and contact lens coverage.
  • Premium Vision Plan: Our most comprehensive plan, including additional perks like discounts on LASIK and other elective vision correction procedures.

To ensure everyone finds a plan that matches their needs, we also offer customizable options that allow you to add or modify coverage areas. Whether you’re concerned about the health of your eyes or looking to update your style with new frames, AMCE has a solution for you. Our flexible plans are designed to provide peace of mind, knowing your vision care is in expert hands, allowing you to focus on enjoying clear and healthy sight.

Coverage Details

Our vision insurance plans typically cover:

  • Annual eye examinations
  • Prescription eyewear, including frames and lenses
  • Contact lenses in lieu of glasses
  • Significant discounts on elective vision correction surgeries

Special Coverage

Some of our plans may offer unique benefits, such as coverage for specialized lenses, including photochromic lenses and anti-reflective coatings.

A woman using vision insurance and checking her eyesight
With our insurance plans, you will have access to a wide range of ophthalmologists and other professionals.

Who’s Eligible for Vision Insurance?

AMCE’s insurance is available to individuals, families, and groups. Eligibility may vary based on the plan, with specific options available for seniors, children, and businesses looking to provide employee benefits. We strive to ensure our plans are inclusive, accommodating a wide range of needs and life stages.

For example, our senior plans are tailored to address the more frequent eye care needs associated with aging, while our children’s coverage focuses on developmental vision care essential for learning and growth. Moreover, businesses can also benefit from our customizable group plans, which are designed to enhance employee wellness programs and contribute to a healthier workforce.

Cost & Payment Information

The cost of vision insurance plans varies based on coverage level and beneficiaries. Our plans are competitively priced to offer the best value for comprehensive eye care.

  • Payment Options: Monthly, quarterly, or annual payments.
  • Average Costs: Basic plans may start as low as $15 per month, with more comprehensive options ranging up to $30 per month.

To further enhance affordability, we offer family and group discounts. This makes it much easier to protect the eye health of all your loved ones or employees. Our goal is to ensure that quality vision care is accessible to everyone without breaking the bank.

A girl checking her eyesight
Our visual insurance plans will provide extensive support to you and your family members.

Claim Process

Filing a claim with AMCE is straightforward. Simply visit an in-network eye care provider, receive services, and we handle the rest. For out-of-network claims, submit your receipts along with a completed claim form.

Additionally, our friendly and dedicated customer service team ensures that the claim process is as seamless as possible. We aim to minimize wait times and maximize convenience, allowing you to focus on your eye health rather than paperwork. With AMCE, you can expect timely updates on your claim status and prompt reimbursement for eligible expenses.

Additional Benefits or Features

In addition to standard coverage, AMCE’s vision insurance may include:

  • Access to a vast network of eye care professionals.
  • Discounts on additional pairs of eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  • Exclusive access to vision wellness resources.

Other Insurance Policies at ACME Insurance Agency

In addition to our vision insurance, we offer a range of insurance products aimed at providing security and dependability under various circumstances. They include:

Our objective is to safeguard your health and well-being throughout every stage of life. We meticulously craft each plan to meet the unique challenges faced by individuals and businesses alike, focusing on tailored solutions for optimal protection.

Secure Your Vision, Secure Your Future with ACME

Investing in vision insurance through AMCE Insurance Agency is a step toward securing your visual health and overall well-being. With plans tailored to various needs and budgets, comprehensive coverage, and a simple claim process, we make eye care accessible and stress-free. By prioritizing your eye health, you’re not just protecting your vision. You’re ensuring that you can continue to experience life’s moments to their fullest. AMCE is committed to being your partner in this journey, offering support and guidance at every turn. Don’t let vision concerns hold you back! Reach out to AMCE Insurance Agency today to find the plan that best fits your lifestyle. Start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vision is in good hands.


I couldn't be happier with the insurance coverage I found through Acme Insurance Agency. Their team of experts guided me every step of the way, helping me choose the perfect plan for my family. The peace of mind I have now is priceless, knowing that our future is protected. Thank you, Acme Insurance Agency, for your exceptional service and dedication to our wellbeing.


Sarah Thompson


Acme Insurance Agency made the insurance process easy and stress-free. I was impressed by their commitment to finding the most affordable plan that suited my needs. Their experienced agents took the time to explain everything clearly, and I felt like a valued customer from day one. I highly recommend Acme Insurance Agency to anyone seeking insurance coverage.


John Rodriguez